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Devoner Gonzalez

El arte de(Devoner) Santiago González es una invitación a no olvidar el papel humano no sólo en el desgarramiento, sino en la reconstitución creativa y activa del tiempo que vivimos. En su tránsito desde el grafiti como reconocimiento de la urbanidad caraqueña hasta el dialogo intimo que ocurre con su trabajo en el tatuaje en...

Tony Robert

Tony Roberts is a lifelong surfer, skater, artist, photographer and filmmaker. He invented the wide angle skate style surf action watershot in the late 80’s and early 90’s with his Santa Cruz, California crew as a Staff photographer for Surfing magazine. He has over 20 video titles to his credit including classics O’Neill “O’Zone” and...

Susu Nasser

Venezuelan photographer living in Peru. 9 years of experience documenting surf trips in Latin America and the Caribbean and collaborating with diverse publications as magazine covers, books, web pages, and advertising for brands of the industry. He is a photographer who is characterized for praising the presence of the Waters down in his environment and...

Nena Diamon

Nena is a photographer from Venezuela and now living in Barcelona, Spain. A decade of professional experience has led her to work for important publications in Venezuela, Mexico and Spain. For a couple of years she has focused on the documentary photography and trips. She has collaborated with diverse ONG, especially inside the environment movement....

Melanie Waidler

This young artist is from Vigo, Galicia and she studies art with the master Mingos Teixeira. She is an animal and nature lover, she uses different techniques on her paintings: pencil, oil, water-color and acrylic. Also, she does works of digital art and graphic design. Melanie has a huge passion for horses and she practices...

Juan Carlos Medina

Medina lives in Australia and he dedicates to document daily the nature of Gold Coast in Australia where people practices surf and diving. His talent and discipline join his interest to experiment with the light, the sunsets,

Gustavo Quiroga

Was born in Bogota, Colombia and now he lives in Los Roques, Venezuela. He was formed as commercial pilot but his real passion is nature and the submarine world. His portfolio is marketed by recognized advertising agencies, he collaborates with several magazines and is in constant documentation of the natural wonders such as the photographic...

Edwart Ramirez

Edwart Ramirez is a Professional Photographer dedicated for more than 16 years. Most of his work has been based on Ocean Art Photography focused on Surf as a primary object making him a specialist on water photography.

Bruno de Oliveira

Bruno was born in Portugal, raised in Venezuela and now he is living in Canary Islands. He studied commerce and his hobbies are body board and photography.

Bruno Novoa

Spanish photographer who started his passion for photography as a game and now it became part of his everyday life. He participates actively in nautical rescue, which helps him to perform better the aquatic photography. Through the aquatic photography, Bruno captures and show some gems of the Galician coast unknown to many people. He likes...

Agustin Muñoz

Agustin is one of the latin photographers who has achieve his gol. He works with professional athletics, he travels the world, and he has as client, the biggest brand inside the world of surf. He owns a magazine, 7 Mares Magazine, where he works as director. As photographer he always try new concepts, ideas and...
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